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Here is my online unit conversion tutorial which is fundamental to chemistry and all science.

Many previously done problems as study aids:
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Molar Mass Calculator:
Molar Mass Calculator: Calculate the molar mass (formula weight, molecular weight) and percent composition of any compound.

Stoichiometry Problem Solving Flowchart:
Stoichiometry Flowchart: Given amount of chemical X, find the amount of chemical Y
produced or used/consumed in a chemical reaction.

Tables of Chemistry Data:
Periodic table, enthalpy, free energy, entropy, specific heats,
bond enthalpies, periodic table, etc.
Online Chemistry Tables

Table of Electronegativities of the Elements

Tutorial on VSEPR, Molecular Geometry, & Polarity

Chemistry Sample Problems

Acid-Base Titration and pH Problems (with solutions)

Solubility & Precipitation Problems (with solutions)

Chemistry Concepts

This is a great link for chemistry lessons and tutorials!
There are also good educational books on this website!

Here's a COOL online site with all sorts of general chemistry info:

Here's a pretty neat ideal gas law visualization webpage:

And here's a website with links to many different types of chemistry aides that help students visualize molecular processes:

Periodic Tables / Conversion Factors / Constants

Online Periodic Table with info about each element:

And another periodic table with info about elements:

Fundamental Physical Constants:
http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Constants/index.html More physical constants:

(It doesn't get much easier!)