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Online English & Spanish Tutor & Paper Writing

Online English & Spanish Tutor & Paper Writing.
Online English & Spanish Tutor:
Will Shipley
Paper Writing
English Tutoring
Spanish Tutoring
Résumés & Cover Letters
Business Letters & Formal Correspondence
Event Programs & Invitations
Homework & Application Essays
Advertising Copy
Press Releases
Web Sites & Blog Posts
Rates will depend on services requested.
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Email:   DrPaper@BallerScholars.com
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Phone: (918) 640-3146 (Text is preferred, thanks)

English Tutoring Experience:
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* 1-hour minimum billing charge for all hourly rates. I require this up-front!
** $10 minimum charge for all translation work. I require this up-front!

I accept payment via PayPal (accepts all major credit cards).

+ Proofread: $20/hr [Recommended for final drafts] - Correct common technical errors: typos, spelling, punctuation, basic grammar, MLA formatting issues, etc. Proofreading can make the difference between a B and an A, but probably won't bump a C up to an A.
+ Edit: $25/hr [Recommended for rough drafts] - Improve word choice for clarity & impact; rewrite & rearrange sentences for flow and coherence. Plus Proofreading.
+ Complete: $35/hr [Recommended for essays that need a lot of work—or that haven't even been started yet!] - Overhaul & rebuild to produce a superior essay that satisfies the assignment guidelines—or start from the ground up.
+ One-on-One Skype Chat: $20/hr

+ Homework check: $20/hr - Correct errors on homework assignments such as worksheets, textbook exercises, and short writing assignments (~250 words or less).
+ Proofread: $25/hr - [Same as in English]
+ Edit: $30/hr - [Same as in English]
+ Complete: $40/hr - [Same as in English]
+ Translate Spanish —> English: $0.06/word
+ Translate English —> Spanish: $0.08/word
+ One-on-One Skype Chat: $25/hr