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How to Cheat on Exams in Class

Other than the obvious ways of cheating, bringing crib sheets, looking at another student's exam, bribing your professor, etc., there are new ways of cheating that can only be done with technology.

Some teachers are lazy and use "test banks" so you might be able to Google for the answer, but this is not always easy to do when you're in the middle of an exam. And you never know but the teacher might change the questions a little bit or use their own questions.

You have got to be able to send the questions (typically by picture) to a "helper" (someone who is helping you cheat). There are many text methods with which to do this.

There are often difficulties, however:

(1) The teacher may be watching. This is the main thing that keeps students from cheating. You have to be very careful and be able to send and get the answers without being seen while you are doing this.

(2) The pictures are not clear or complete. Practice taking pics before the exam. Clean any fingerprints off your camera lens! Get the entire question in one picture. If you have to send it in parts, that will do, but it's better if in one picture. If the pics are out of focus or only part of the question is visible, the helper cannot send back answers.

(3) There is missing info. Often at the back of the exam the teachers will include a table of extra info needed to solve particular problems. If that info is missing, it makes it very difficult, if not impossible to answer the questions. Send that extra info also, if there is any.

(4) Sharing detailed answers (showing work) with friends. DON'T DO IT! If you do this and your answers are identical, the teacher will likely accuse you of cheating.

If your exam is online, sometimes there is an online proctor (such as Proctor U, What you can do is have a friend stand to the side and take pics of the questions and then send the questions to a helper. The helper will send back answers asap and your friend can then hold the answers up behind your computer screen and you can ace your exam. Easy!

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Good luck!