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Here are many Physics Simulations and Java Applets
that can help you to learn Physics:

Accelerating Car
Angular Momentum
Astronaut Accelerating
Ballistic Pendulum
Block & Pully With Friction
Block Compressing a Spring
Block & Spring 2
Boat & River - Velocity & Angle
Car Going Around a Curve w/ Friction
Car Accelerating Past a Truck
Dolphin Catching a Ball in Mid-Air
Simulation of a Circuit with Resistors in Parallel and Series
Coefficient of Friction on a Ramp
Two Boxes Being Pushed w/ Contact Force
Nearsighted Corrective Lens and Ray Diagram
Farsighted Corrective Lense and Ray Diagram
Current and Magnetic Field
Young's Double Slit Experiment
Electric Potential from Point charges
Electron Wavelength in a Hydrogen Atom
Inelastic and Elastic Collision Simulation
Heat Engine and Entropy Simulation
Escape Velocity of a Rocket Simulation
Force on a Charge Caused by Electric Field
Distance Water Lands From a Leaking Tank
Airplane Turbulence as Harmonic Oscillation
Ice Melting in Water - Final Temperature
Induced Current in a Ring in Changing Magnetic Field
Isotope Mass Spectrometer Simulation
Lens Ray Simulation
Magnetic Field by Current Carrying Wires
Moment of Inertia Race Downhill
Net Electric Field from Point Charges
Lens Object Distance and Focal Length Simulation
Oil and Water in a U-Tube Simulation
Polarized Light Intensity
Harmonics in a Pop Bottle With Water
Projectile Motion Simulation with Golf Ball
A Pulley with Moment of Inertia
Tension in a Pulley Rope System Simulation
RC Circuit Simulation
RLC Circuit & Phasors Simulation
Compton X-Ray Scattering Simulation
Single Slight Experiment Simulation
Special Relativity and Velocity Simulation
Specific Heat and Final Temperature Experiment Simulation
Spring and Block System With Harmonic Motion
Spring and Harmonic Motion
Time of Flight of an Oject Falling from a Rising Helicopter
Train Horn Sound Wave Reflection and Doppler Shift
A Yo-Yo's Speed and Moment of Inertia

Here's are some great Physics, Math, & Astronomy Applets by Walter Fendt
Some of these are very useful, especially the physics projectile motion applet.
Physics Applets, Math Applets, Astronomy Applets

Many previously done problems as study aids:
Homework Answers for Sale

Basic Math skills and graphing for high school physics:

Physics formulas and constants:
Physics formulas and constants

Thousands of units converted for you!