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School Humor

My daughter the future math tutor:

This is me as a math tutor in South Park:

A little calculus humor:

I would give at least a couple of points for inventiveness.

The ultimate sin: Division by Zero!

LOL... that's one way to get around the binomial theorem:

I always thought teachers should say "calculate x", not "find x":

The trick to this is that the lengths are all vertical and horizontal.
If you make the lengths from corner to corner, then it will go to pi.

Just by calling the number, you've completed the math screening test.

Writing at its finest!


Teach our adults reading, writing and ARITHETIC.

Now wait a minute!

Anything to get out of school!

Now this is just wrong!

And this is downright inappropriate!
(No wonder kids hate school!)

Old school!

Frightening b/c it's pretty much true.