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Simplex Method Utility: A Homework Help Tool for Finite Math & Linear Programming

This simplex method utility is fairly user-friendly. Press the "example" button to see an example of a linear programming problem.

Do not use commas in large numbers. For example, enter 12,345 as 12345.
The utility is quite flexible with input. For instance, the following format will also be accepted (inequalities seperated by commas):

Maximize P = x + y subject to x + y <= 6, 3x + y >= 8

Of course "P" means profit, and we ALWAYS want to maximize profit!!! ;-)
You can also use a "minimize" command option, for example to minimize cost.
Note that "<=" means "less than or equal to" and ">=" means "greater than or equal to".

Decimal mode displays all the tableaus (and results) as decimals, rounded to the number of significant digits you select (up to 13, depending on your processor and browser).
Fraction mode converts all decimals to fractions and displays all the tableaus (and solutions) as fractions.
Integer Mode eliminates decimals and fractions in all the tableaus and displays the solution as fractions.
Mac users: you can use the inequality symbols "option+<" and "option+>" instead of "<=" and ">=" if you like, but some browsers may have trouble with this.
Solution Display Some browsers (including some versions of Internet Explorer) use a sans serif proportional width font in text boxes. This will cause the display of solutions to appear a little messy. You can remedy this by changing the "Sans Serif" font in your browser preferences to "Courier" or some other fixed-width font, and then reloading the page.

Enter your linear programming problem below. (Press the "Example" button to see the set-up.)

      Rounding: significant digits  
The tableaus will appear here.