Online Equation Grapher @

You must have Java scripting enabled in your web browswer for the grapher to work.
It also works best in Internet Explorer. Chrome & Firefox have more Java Issues than IE.

Multiplying with the online grapher:
You must place a * between anything you want multiplied. For example you cannot write "3x". You must write "3*x".
Functions supported by the online grapher:
sine: sin(x)
cosine: cos(x)
tangent: tan(x)
expential: exp(x), this means e to the power of x.
logarithm: log(x), on this grapher "log(x)" means the natural log ln(x), not the common log (base 10). I know this is an unusual way to write the natural log, but it's the way the program was written. To graph a different base logarithm, use the change of base formula: to graph logb(x) you will type log(x)/log(b) in the grapher.
Adding Functions:
Press "Add Function" button and type in a formula to be graphed in standard mathematical notation (eg "e^(-x/10)sin(x)"). The only variable the formula can use is x. Use Pi for pi; for example, sin(Pi/2 x). You can add as many functions as you like, and "Delete Function" deletes the last one you entered.
Rescaling in the online grapher:
This brings up a panel which you can use to edit the scale of the graph. The x variable runs between xMin and xMax, and the y values run between yMin and yMax. Use xScale and yScale to set the spacing of tick marks on the axes. If xScale or yScale is zero, the graph will have no tickmarks on that axis.
Zooming with the online grapher:
You can change the scale of your picture quickly with "Zoom In", "Zoom Out" and "Zoom to Box". The first two zoom in or out around the center of the graph. If you click and drag on the graphing window, you can draw out a box, and Zoom To Box will zoom in to make that box fill the whole window.

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