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Basic Math Links, Tools, Games, & Worksheets

Worksheets and flashcards:

Online worksheets from counting to decimals:

Online program that makes printable worksheets (with or without answers):

This one has some worksheets with time and money:

One of the best websites for basic and elementary math!:

and their worksheets: www.mathsisfun.com/worksheets

Math flashcards:

Timed math game for improving memory for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (no nonsense, basic math):

many links to math games: classroom.jc-schools.net/basic/mathasmd.html

Silly games with math themes: www.sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm

More Math Games:

Geometry Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Geometry Conjectures

Geometry Postulates

Geometry Glossary Geometry Postulates Cut the Knot:
Geometry Topics and Problems
Oochy's Cube (patterns) Fun with Shapes Oochina the Archaeologist
Oochina's Donut Dilemma Oochina's Treasure Hunter Shape Counters
Shape Reveal Symmetry Simple Shape Sort
Buried Shapes Shape Memory Test Guess the Random Angle
Geometry Workshop Buzzing with Shapes Lines and Angles
Dr. Gee's 3D Lab Pattern Blocks Geometry Puzzle
Hidden Picture Polygon Playground Shape and Space in Geometry
Geometry Flashcards Geometry Puzzles Dare to be Square
RoboPacker Bathroom Tiles Tennis Match
Space Station GeoMatho Shape Cave
Banana Hunt (degrees of angle) Polyominos Geometry Quiz
Acute, Obtuse, and Right Angles Shape Surveyor Geometric Terms
Oscar's Trash Collection Mr. Elephant's Memory Game Tangrams
Shape Sorter Rats Sammy's Shapes
Barney's Colors, Numbers, and Shapes Graphing Geometry Math Square
Shapes and Colors
Geometry Lessons Tennis Match

Logic Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Good explanation of truth tables:

Logic, set theory, and Boolean algebra with practice problems: www.rwc.uc.edu/koehler/comath/toc.html

Geometry and logic worksheets (with answers): www.edhelper.com/geometry_highschool.htm

Symbolic logic definitions and practice problems: www.mathgoodies.com/lessons/toc_vol9.html

Logic and math handouts (definitions): faculty.kutztown.edu/mcloughl/017handoutstests.html

Algebra Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Quadratic Equation solver:
Quadratic Equation Solver

Here's a really fast online equation grapher with zoom capabilities.

Here's a list of online algebra videos.

Excel Graphing Utility (Only works with Excel 2003 or earlier):

Trigonometry Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials
Exact Trigonometric Values of Special Angles

Statistics Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Calculus Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Derivative Calculator: An excellent new calculus tool by David Scherfgen. It can calculate the derivative of just about any one variable function f(x).

Online Calculus Book With Video Lectures

Online Integral Solver

Differential Equations Links, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Higher Math Links, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Here's are some great Physics, Math, & Astronomy Applets by Walter Fendt
Some of these are very useful, especially the physics projectile motion applet.
Physics Applets, Math Applets, Astronomy Applets

Many previously done problems as study aids:
Homework Answers for Sale

Here is a Homeschool resource for math students:

Converts from inches to centimeters, and THOUSANDS of other units.